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Amazing High-Tech Cooler Raises Absurd Amount on Kickstarter

Amazing High-Tech Cooler Raises Absurd Amount on Kickstarter

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This cooler can pretty much do everything except mix your drinks for you. Hey, that's what robot bartenders are for.

Regular coolers just filled with beer bottles swimming in packets of ice are so passé. Meet the “coolest” addition to your beach party, picnic or boat outing ever: Coolest, the high-tech cooler with built-in Bluetooth, a USB charger, a bottle opener, and a lid light that has gotten quite a wave of attention on Kickstarter, by raising over $4.5 million (or almost 100 times their initial goal), with 45 days left to go on the campaign.

Basically the Coolest is a party in a portable ice box. You can hook up your music to the cooler, charge your devices and even be able to see the beer you’ve picked out in the dark with the lid light. This thing has pretty much endless bells and whistles, including a rechargeable blender, plate and utensil-sized integrated storage spots, a cutting board and a bottle opener.

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The project will definitely be funded way ahead of schedule, and will start shipping out Coolest coolers in early 2015.

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